Choosing the right pet flap

Cornelscourt Glass is a market leader in Dublin and the surrounding counties when it comes fitting cat flaps and dog flaps in glass. We want to take our extensive knowledge and offer you some advice when it comes to choosing the correct pet flap for your cat or dog.
In Pet Flap Packages Cornelscourt Glass now offers a range of cat flaps and dog flaps that over the years we have found to deliver the best results.

Before choosing a cat flap or dog flap it is important to consider the following
The size of the opening needed for your pet
Has your pet finished growing
The glass panel you want to install it in
Do you need to keep unwanted guests out
Do you need to control when your pet goes in and out

In our experience here at Cornelscourt Glass 90% of cats will be able to use the regular cat flaps like the Staywell deluxe cat flap and the Sureflap microchip cat flap. For larger breeds of cat it may be necessary to use a small dog flap. We offer 5 types of dog flaps. We have the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door which is ideal for large cats and smaller dog breeds like Terriers, Havanese and Chihuahuas.


We also offer the Staywell Aluminium pet flap in four different sizes small flap for small dogs and large cats, medium flap for dogs up to 20kgs like collies and spaniels, large flap of dogs up to 45kgs like Labradors and Reteviers and extra large for dogs up 75kgs.

It is important to remember that if you are getting Cornelscourt Glass to install a pet flap for a young pet they might not stay that size for ever and you will need to think ahead so you won’t have to go through the expense of another flap for when they’ve grown larger.

When choosing which glass panel you would like to have the pet flap fitted in its important to remember the bigger the pane of glass the bigger the cost. Obviously you’ll have to choose an accessible location that’s easy to use for your pet. For a dog this is often a glass door or low window but it is worth remembering that a cat is more agile and somewhere like a utility room window might be a better option.

Microchip pet flaps are an excellent option if you need to keep unwanted guests out of your home. These flaps work on the microchip most pets have but also come with a microchip collar option for those that don’t. This means that only the pets you want can use the flap keeping the unwelcome ones out. There is also the Sureflap Dualscan option that’s perfect for mutli pet homes and it allows you to control the ins and outs of your pets individually, meaning that you can keep some pets in while allowing others to go out. All our cat flaps and dog flaps come with a completely locked option meaning that you can completely restrict your pet from using it.

Hopefully this will help you with your pet flap selection and please feel free to contact Cornelscourt Glass with any other questions that you might have.


Frameless Glass Rooflights

Cornelscourt Glass are delighted to introduce a Frameless Glass Rooflight to our ever growing product list. Our rooflights are the final touch to you home conversion creating that all important wow factor. This system utilises modern bonding technology meaning the glass is structurally bonded and triple sealed making it an ideal rooflight for flat roof applications. This frameless system ensures that there is no frame work shown on the inside and we use a neat back painted band on the external glass panel to ensure that no frame work is visible from the outside creating a clean frameless finish.

Cornelscourt Glass Frameless Glass Rooflights feature energy effecient 28mm double glazed units or 48mm triple glazed units made up of Low-E glass, Argon Gas and 'warm edge' spacer bar technologies. This can help create a U-value as low as 0.6W/m2k for the ultimate in thermal insulation, so you can be sure our Rooflights will keep the heat in during the cold winter time.



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