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Brown Beige Glass Splashback / Steel Grey Glass Splashback

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Cornelscourt Glass specialises in the measuring, processing and fitting of painted glass splashbacks in Dublin and the surrounding counties. Painted Glass is an excellent alternative for outdated tiles giving you the most modern look available today. With almost no joints or lines to worry about our glass splashbacks not only look seamlessly beautiful but are extremely easy to keep clean and fresh looking.

Cornelscourt Glass supplies all of our painted glass splashbacks in 6mm toughened opti white. The reason we use toughened glass is it is not only physically stronger than normal glass but it is also thermally stronger meaning it can withstand temperatures of up to 2500C compared to non toughened which can only withstand temperatures up to 800C. We use 6mm Opti White Glass as it is an extra clear glass which means that the colour the glass is painted is more accurate making it easy to colour match your glass to suit your décor.

Our Glass can be painted any RAL colour giving you thousands of options to customise your glass meaning you can create a truly one off bespoke design.
Although mainly used for painted glass is not limited to just glass splashbacks. It is a great option for table tops as well. You can use it to cover an old table giving it a fresh new look or use it to completely wrap furniture giving it a really modern look. We can paint up to 19mm toughened glass meaning it can even be used for counter tops kitchen and bathrooms and with modern machines we can process it with sink and tap cut out. It is also not uncommon to see painted glass used to clad walls. We have shown an example of this in the picture below.

Steel Grey Painted Glass each side of the bed

It is also an option to use mirror as a splashback. It is not possible to use it in all cases as mirror cannot be toughened but it is a great way of making a small kitchen or area feel bigger.

Here at Cornelscourt Glass we offer a measuring and templating service. Our trained specialists also have the expertise to be able to cut and work the glass into precise shapes around sockets, taps, lighting and any other protruding fixtures making Glass splashbacks a creative solution for many applications.


Grey Mirror splashback with socket cut outs

For any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We are constantly updating out gallery with the newest pictures of work we are doing. Make sure to check back in for more design ideas.

Painted Glass Factsheet
• Glass with paint applied to one side
• Glass is supplied in toughened for great durability
• Painted with a high quality two part resin paint
• Can be colour matched to any RAL or BS number. When colour matching we always recommend low iron glass for a more accurate colour.
• Fixing – Bonded with a high quality mirror adhesive/non aggressive glue (not silicone with acetic acid)
• The paint coating is moisture resistant
• Heat resistant:- The advantage of using 6mm toughened glass is it is able to withstand a higher temperature of up to 250°C and a greater temperature difference across the whole panel. If using non-toughened, the glass can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C. Non-toughened glass can break if there is a temperature difference of 30°C or more on the same sheet of glass. For instance, a hot cooking vessel that touches the glass could cause it to break.

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