Glass Partitions from Cornelscourt Glass is a great way of creating a beautiful and modern working space. Adding Glass Partitions allows you to separate work spaces while keeping that feeling of light and space. All of our Glass Partitions are specially Made to Measure to precisely fit the required space.

A before and after picture of a 12mm glass partitioned wall with a 90o swing Door

To achieve our frameless look we fit a small 30mm glazing channel to the floor, ceiling and wall that are already there. We then fit our glass into this channel allowing us to create an almost seamless glass wall without the need for chunky vertical glazing bars blocking the view. We can fit single, double or sliding doors into almost all glass partions. With our wide range of fixings and finishes we can make a truly unique bespoke design.

At Cornelscourt Glass we take safety extremely seriously, this is why all of our glass partitions are fitted with 10mm or 12mm toughened safety glass. We can also offer a 10.8 acoustic laminated glass which can offer further noise reduction.

10mm Satinised Glass double doors with satin steel top locks, handle and hinges.

Glass partitions are not restricted to just clear glass. Where needed we can supply 10mm or 12mm satinised toughened glass or a wide range of tinted and coloured laminate glass that can be customised to meet all of our client needs.  Although it is not something we do, we have worked with and can recommend sign writers that can provide customised logo prints and other window manifestations, meaning you get a fully customised office space

Our dedicated team is on hand to help you with any other information that you require so don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you might have.

We continue to keep our gallery updated with the latest work completed, so if check back regularly for the latest design ideas.

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