Replacement Stove Glass

stove.jpgNOW ...One glass can supply all of your high temperature requirements. Unlike tempered glass, ROBAX® is unstressed. Cornelscourt Glass provide custom cut and finished Robax glass.

Typical Applications:

  • Wood Burner Stove, Mulyi fuel stoves, Pellet Stove and Coal Stove Windows
  • Wood and Gas Fireplace Doors
  • High-intensity Light Covers
  • Furnace Observation Windows
  • Barbecue Grill Windows
  • Grill Covers and Trivets
  • Spark and Flame Guard panels.

Will not shatter (like tempered glass). Good strength. Fire to Ice without breaking. Telephone us with your requirement and we can cut to any size. 

This material is actually a transparent glass-ceramic. ROBAX® glass-ceramic has a thermal endurance far exceeding that of normal tempered glass. Tempered glass is generally limited to applications that do not exceed 500F. However, ROBAX® is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from minus 400F. to plus 1400F.

Glass-ceramic was invented in the 1960s. Its thermal endurance and stability make it ideal for many products: from stove tops and cookware. Transparent glass-ceramic, introduced in 1970s, is much more difficult and expensive to make than ordinary glass. As a result, it also has a different appearance including color, surface texture, and some small bubbles or inclusions that are natural to its composition and have no effect on its strength or performance.

Because of its special composition and processing this unique material can withstand a quench into ice water from red hot temperatures. With ROBAX® Glass-Ceramic windows in your stove or fireplace, you can enjoy the fire view with the assurance the window has been designed with a superior margin of safety for your home and your family.

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