Does your DOG need to get out or in? - Then YOU need to contact US!

dogFlap.jpgDog flaps fitted in double glazing give your dog the freedom they need, and when fitted correctly blend neatly into the window or door frame of your home.

With regard to fitting dog flaps into double glazed windows. The existing double glazed unit will have to be replaced with a new of glass unit with a hole for the dog flap. 


Double glazed units are sealed units. If this seal is broken (by cutting a hole and fitting a dog flap into the double glazing ) then air can enter and cause your window to steam or mist up, Double glazed units in doors comprise of Toughened glass which can not be cut

Cornelscourt Glass are able to supply you a new double glazed unit with the dog flap pre installed into the double glazing.

Our dog flap fitter will then fit your new double glazed pane with the dog flap in it into your frame.

All dog flaps fitted in double glazing by Cornelscourt glass come with a 5 year guarantee

We also suggest that you consider keeping the existing double glazed unit in case in the future you want to restore the window to its original condition

Dog flaps come in 2 colors white and brown,there are many different sizes and makes which pose no problem to Cornelscourt Glass to install.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage.

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